About Me

I had lived in the Dallas, Texas area for most of my life.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great city but I wanted more.  I tried living outside of the city in the country but it wasn’t quite right.  I tried living in a chrome and glass highrise in the midst of downtown…nope, not right either.  Vacations to the Caribbean…wonderful but not what my soul needed.  Living in Europe was fantastic and almost right.  But now, I have found MY place finally, and it is Hawaii.

Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head

With the beauty and adventure everywhere you look, from the wacky bustle of Waikiki to the serene solace of the Valley of the Temples, to the rough and tumble waves of the North Shore of Oahu, I can’t imagine a better place to live. 

Read about my adventures as I moved from Texas with two great dogs and one stubborn but adorable husband to the Hawaii Kai area of Honolulu.  Explore with me the Hawaiian islands, fabulous resorts, delicious food, exciting attractions, exhilarating activities both on land and in the water, and a few tropical drinks with little pink umbrellas.

Come along on my adventures as I continue to explore the world. Living in Hawaii, I’m almost halfways from the mainland US to Asia! What about trips to Japan, Thailand, or Vietnam? I’ve got lots of places to still see on the mainland US, more destinations in Europe and the Caribbean!

Christine Tarski

As well as a blogger, I’m a fiber artist…what! You don’t know what the heck that is??? I weave, embroider, felt, crochet and create artistic stuff to wear, display or for your home.  Hawaii is offering so much inspiration I never found elsewhere, in her ocean, mountains, flowers, birds, coral and fish.

I am home.  Are YOU?  Come for a visit, a wedding, a lifetime!  Interested in moving to Hawaii? Let me know and I’ll try to help navigate the tricky parts and you can learn from my mistakes and victories!

Aloha, y’all!